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November 23, 2006
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restricted areas by naomi restricted areas by naomi
for once (i know, i'm horrible) here's me explaining myself.
you know those thoughts and dreams that after you have them,
they haunt you for days? they leave an inexplicable knot in your
stomach, something wrong - but not just wrong, exciting and
maybe sexy or dangerous. you think about it and you smile - sometimes.
other times the very same thought makes you sick. either way,
you shiver. so even though you can censor yourself all you
want and try to X out the bad things.. it all comes creeping
from underneath, from the core.

[12 x 16 inch ink, aquarelle and acrylics on beautifully textured paper. scanner
cropped it and didn't scan the paper texture well at all. i want you to see the original!
also i am aware of the way the plants cross and it was
accidental at first.. though now i think about it i really don't think it ever was
accidental. maybe. anyway, this is my warm up - i haven't been painting for
weeks really]
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Daily Deviation

Given 2009-02-05
Of startling ambiance pulled from a pool of muted colours with perfect accents, restricted areas by ~naomi is a lure to the unfurling of dreams, all as exquisite as they are bizarre and fantastical. ( Suggested by Rubius and Featured by snowmask )
ritzeratzekatze Aug 24, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow! Incredible! I love it!
GRETCHEN-GHOUL Apr 22, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
Perfect. Beautiful.
I really love the context behind the image... XD
Awesome. The original must be so amazing.
smile-love May 31, 2009
the description and the picture match perfectly, i love it. makes you appreciate it even more.

at first glance it's alluring, erotic, dangerous, and sexy. it's something that excites you. and at other angles it's kind of disturbing and you see it has a 'rotten core'... the drops of blood almost look like mildew at spots and your stomach knots...

very, very lovely picture you have here.
I love your description. I have very vivid dreams (usually good yes but as you said "exciting and
maybe sexy or dangerous") and I find myself thinking back on it during the day... and the feeling I got from it is left...

Anyways it's lovely...
Aarkaya Feb 23, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This was the first of your pictures i was, and fell in love with.
I just love your style and uniqueness that i find in your art.
HalibutWaffles Feb 9, 2009
I think everyone can relate, I know my dreams conjure up things I absolutely hate the idea of :O

Beautiful colours and style!
This is awesome, i really really like it. And i know exactly what you mean. I think there is something about the dangerous and wrong which is somehow appealing and sexy.Even though we shudder with disgust, at the very same time we shudder with excitement. And sometimes you don't like yourself for thinking those thoughts, but at other times, its hard to resist... anyway..

I think its a beautiful piece!! well done!! D
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